My target group:

I have been working as bilingual business coach for international group companies since 2000. My coachees are female and male managers 

  • who have to perform in an intercultural context
  • who need to communicate and present in English which is the group’s official language
  • who receive support from the company to encourage their development (career, potential development).

My success proves that by strategically organized coaching, the results of the company can be improved sustainably and on a long term. Issues, which were originally addressed as professional challenges, get integrated naturally into the everyday business. 

Possible coaching-topics:


  • Career planning and potential development
  • Communication in an intercultural context
  • Conflict management in teams
  • Confrontation with specific role models (“Diversity & Gender“)

Specifically for women:

  • Sensation of a “glass ceiling”

All coaching sessions can be conducted in German and English language.

My approach:

During my training as a systemic business coach (MSc), I chose the “Kieler consulting model” as my preferred coaching approach. This method enables the coachee to develop a tailor-made solution, which is based on his/her own competences and resources.


In short:

The “Kieler consulting model” is

  • Solution-oriented rather than problem-oriented;
  • Addresses competences and no deficiencies;
  • Allocates specific questioning techniques and interventions;
  • Encourages one to recognize a success as an achievement of the coachee

(Source: © ESBA – European Systemic Business Academy)


Over the last few years I have complemented this model with elements of the ”Positive Psychology”. The ”Positive-Leadership-approach” for employee management and motivation, derived from this model, focuses on the creation of a positive corporate culture, which contributes decisively to the increasing success within the company.