Interview Coaching

The interviewing process starts with the application – or request

for a new position, then the CV and finally the interview.


To ensure that you have the best tools to reach your dream job,

it is necessary that all of these elements show the prospective

employers the real you, the authentic person who

is well qualified to step into the new position.


Through skilled questioning techniques, the participant learns to

answer questions succinctly without rambling and has a good

idea of the types of information which should be given during an

interview to achieve the best possible results.


The coaching sessions are intensive dialogues to build the

participant’s self-confidence by being ready for all aspects of

the interviewing process.


      These include, in part:

  • Intercultural aspects of interviewing
  • Presentation techniques and self-confidence raising practices
  • The video interview and how and when does it work well
  • Skype or Facetime interviews
  • Asynchronous web interviews
  • What should my CV look like, what works best
  • What else belongs in my portfolio
  • An intensive questioning phase which reflects best the strengths of the applicant