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The winter season is starting soon and as it is the case every year we will be sitting anxiously in front of our TVs, keeping our fingers crossed for our winter sport athletes. Take a closer look this time around and identify the similarities between them and your management position.


The similarities


The purpose is to win the victory


Top athletes are focused on their victory. Their goal is it to win and/or deliver their best performances. Even in the management it is crucial to set goals, since they are part of the evaluation process and budget planning.


Our health is vital


Top athletes need an excellent health in order to achieve their optimum athletic performance. Without physical fitness, trained body and corresponding mental strength and attitude, victory is not achievable. It also requires training to master your daily work routine as a manager. Extra hours, numerous meetings at home and abroad and consistent pressure to meet deadlines take a toll. Those who do not take care of themselves, are at risk to suffer from burnout.

Support encourages


Have you ever seen a sport athlete who trains all by him-/herself in complete isolation? Definitely not! Top athletes always utilize the knowledge of the entire team to be successful. Sport trainers, doctors, massage therapists, and many more operate in the background, but are still vital for the victory. What is a top manager without its team? A team consisting of a number of employees he or she can rely on and which contribute considerably to the company’s success.


The lessons learned


The purpose is to win the victory


Top athletes not only focus on their success, but also do everything in their power to win eventually. Ask yourself – Do I use all available resources to reach my goal 100% or do I settle for much less?



Our health is vital


Top athletes train regularly – mentally and physically. Ask yourself whether you take care of your health in the same way. Do you take time off? Make sure to exercise and keep your body in shape to prevent problems such as back or shoulder pain.


Support encourages


The better the team, the better every single sport athlete performs. Ask yourself, whether you have chosen the right team. Do you have the necessary support to reach your targets? If not, rely on external consultants and coaches. Together you will achieve more than all by yourself.



Top-class sport shows us several similarities to leadership and we are able to learn from it. Would you like to find out more about how to apply it at work? Then please get in touch with me!






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