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16. February 2021
Changes in companies are essential these days. Digital transformation, stronger markets and law amendments compel company owners to carry out change processes in the company as well.
09. February 2021
Maybe this situation is familiar to you: files of current projects are piled up at your desk and there are numerous emails in your email inbox that you haven’t had time to get to. You know that you should just do all of your tasks quickly and efficiently, but you just do not feel like it. The consequence: the "to-dos" remain unfinished and are set aside.

03. February 2021
The term “unconscious biases” signifies unconscious cognitive perception distortions, which, according to evolutionary theory, allow more rapid uptake and processing of information. At this time, more than 175 cognitive distortions have been identified; these have been categorized and graphically represented by John Manoogian in the Cognitive Bias Codex.
27. January 2021
Perhaps you recognize this situation: You are at a conference or work-related meeting listening to numerous presentations by subject area experts. You could listen to some people for hours, whereas longing for others to wrap up. What is the reason for this? Today I’m going to share a few professional tips and techniques with you.

30. August 2018
More and more companies are using video interviewing as a low-cost tool to screen job applicants. There are valid questions about whether this tool preselects for traits like extroversion and self-presentation, but market research indicates that its use is trending upwards.
30. May 2018
In my last blog entry, I gave you tips on giving successful presentations through the optimal usage of breath, voice, pauses and flow. Today I want to give you tips on how to introduce yourself in a memorable way in a business context.

26. March 2018
Organizations hold many different types of meetings, which, depending on their objective and purpose, result in different expectations and procedures. For example, we distinguish between information meetings and decision meetings or between problem-solving and brainstorming meetings. The following 8 tips are applicable to all meeting formats.
27. February 2018
Leading intercultural project teams in an international corporation is commonplace in today’s business environment. In practice, management must focus not only on their core competence, but also on fostering intercultural understanding. Only managers who have acquired those skills and know how to utilize them can complete projects more successfully and more efficiently.

19. December 2017
Conflicts cause costs – a fact that every manager is familiar with. However, the amount of these conflict costs is often underestimated. This blog contains a simple calculation method and my suggestion to resolve the conflicts, not only for social reason but also from an economic point of view.
21. November 2017
The winter season is starting soon and as it is the case every year we will be sitting anxiously in front of our TVs, keeping our fingers crossed for our winter sport athletes. Take a closer look this time around and identify the similarities between them and your management position.

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