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In my last blog entry, I gave you tips on giving successful presentations through the optimal usage of breath, voice, pauses and flow. Today I want to give you tips on how to introduce yourself in a memorable way in a business context.


Profile = obligatory

At a minimum, your introduction should include the following information:


·       Your name

·       Your job function or title

·       Your industry

·       A brief description of your area of responsibility


Objective: Allow your audience to get acquainted with you and get everyone on the same page.


Create commonalities

You want to augment your introduction with personal information? There is no place for this during the initial round of introductions. Age, children, ancestry etc. can be covered while making small talk afterwards. It’s better to use your time during the introductions to allude to professional challenges you’d like to get clarity on. At conferences and meetings, you can also mention which information you’d be especially interested in, and how you intend to use any knowledge you acquire.


Objective: Reach out to people who are there for similar reasons or facing similar challenges.


Establish “memory hooks”

To ensure that you are remembered for longer, you have to create so-called memory hooks. This is easiest to do with images or rhymes.

Ivan Misner, founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, cites the following examples in Entrepreneur magazine:


·       Chiropractor: “You'll feel fine when your spine's in line”


·       Hairdresser: “If your hair is not becoming to you, then you should be coming to me.”


·       Lawyer: “Before you turn to dust, see me for your will or trust.”


·       Therapist: “I have the owner's manual for your mind.”


Objective: Differentiate yourself through your introduction and stand out from the crowd. Only people who are still occupying others’ mindshare at the end of the day will reap the long-term benefits from their network.


You want to get some feedback on your introduction? Write me – I’ll be glad to help you create your optimal introduction!






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